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In this football video, I challenged myself to buy a football shirt from the highest ranked countries in the world. But, with a twist. I had to ask each national team for a shirt that they shouldn’t sell, with a name on the back that they should not print. The rules are simple: If they refuse to make the shirt or delay or stop my order, the country passes. However, if the national team makes the football shirt and gives it to me, they fail and end up on the board of frauds. This video is similar to one I made last year where I asked football teams for shirts they shouldn’t sell, and 2 of the teams, Barcelona and Liverpool, failed and ended up on the board of frauds. National Teams should be much harder to buy shirts they shouldn’t sell because they are less greedy, and they have less of a reason to say yes, and they have a higher reputation to hold. Will all 7 countries pass? Will any of them fail? Or will there be more countries on the board of frauds than football teams? Watch the video to find out!

I asked national teams such as England, Argentina, France and Portugal for shirts that disrespected their teams and/or players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. These football challenge videos are my absolute favourite to make, and so I thought with the Euros and Copa America on right now, why not try again? This is my Euros and Copa America Special, and I absolutely loved making it so I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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  1. for spain you should of put penalties on it and the number of penalties they've missed in a penalty shootout, not sure if you can put 4 digits on it though

  2. Why did you slander Scotland more then England it’s embarrassing how you slander Scotland more than England and yes you not welcome in Scotland you are literally causing a riot between Scotland and England

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